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06/23/2018Abbey map was removed from CTF

We have added Abbey map to our CTF server on trial last week.
However, we noticed the score difference between teams get large in very short period on this map,
and our balancer can not handle this situation.
The last round of blue vs red finished with 14 – 1, and the auto-balancing was performed 3 times during a round.
It seems this map is too small for playing CTF.

The map is still available on our TDM server.

06/19/2018Server trouble (June 17 – 19)

The problem that some people could not connect to our CTF server occurred (June 17 09:00 – June 19 12:00 GMT).
We have already fixed the problem.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

06/17/2018Abbey map added to CTF

We have added famous Abbey map to the CTF map rotation by request.
Because we thought this map is too small for CTF play, we haven’t put this map on CTF rotation.

We are worrying that some players might block the exit of spawn room or narrow paths.
Actually, on TDM, we have received a report that someone had blocked the exit of blue spawn room intentionally.
(We have already banned him)

Anyway, we will try and see what happens a little more.

06/09/2018Flag position changed on Blitzkrieg

We have got some responses after previous post. So we have changed the location of the blue flag on Blitzkrieg.

The flow of the blue flag holder is now same as the flow of the red flag holder.
After the player gets the flag, he can get into the house or run away.

Thank you for your advice!

06/03/2018The blue can win easily on Blitzkrieg map?

On Blitzkrieg map, a CTF player said:

Don’t you think in this map blue it’s more easy?

Yes, we recognize the unbalance issue.

Though we have changed the locations of blue/red flags several times, we still haven’t found the best locations.

Why the blue team can win easily – possible reasons:

  • The position of the blue base is higher than the position of the red base geographically. (advantage for offensive)
  • The blue flag stands on a flat ground, while the red flag stands on an uneven ground. (advantage for defensive)
  • The blue players can camp at a house near their flag. (advantage for defensive)

Please give us your advice if you have any ideas. However, we can only move the flags, and we cannot modify any structures such as wall or ground.

05/28/2018Map ‘Proving Grounds’ was removed

We added new map ‘Proving Grounds 2’. However the map crashes our servers, so we removed it from a rotation.

We know some people complain to the map, though…

05/20/2018Site design has been changed

Our site design has been changed!

  • Applied black-based theme.
  • Added in-game chat log boxes.
  • Added a message form.

03/31/2018Old UrT servers were shut down

Old UrT 4.3.2 TDM/4.3.1 CTF servers were shut down.

Thank you for playing on these servers!

Urban Terror

Urban Terror is a free FPS game developed by FrozenSand. It is called UrT. Although it is a mod of Quake 3 Arena originally, it has become a standalone game since its version 4.0.

The game can work on a low spec PC, so you can enjoy fight with everyone easily. You can coerce enemies with your assault rifle, you can snipe at an enemy with your sniper rifle, and you can heal your wounded friends. Let’s play with various styles.


You can download from Urban Terror Downloads. (no charge)

Server status

All servers are rebooted at 4:00 GMT everyday.
The reboot is delayed on TDM/CTF servers which has 2 or more active players.

UrT 4.3.3 Lily TDM

  • Game mode: TDM (Team Deathmatch)
  • Max players: 32
  • Finish condition: after 15 minutes (may be delayed by a balancer)

Map: ut4_terrorism3_bots    Game time: 12:55

Red (8)
awsd, Shinichi<>, Baste, Goose, Scorpion, Mantis, Omega, Raven
Blue (8)
playername<>, JakeTheFake, hikaku, Chicken, WalkingDead<>, Cheetah, Puma, Tiger
Spectators (8)
Roxor7, Artem, leparapluie, Karma_3, PUTIN_SERBIA, UnnamedPlayer, Marsus, Karma

Last obtained: Sun, 24 Jun 2018 22:06:47 +0900

You can play on red or blue team. Please join the team by selecting ‘Auto Join’.

UrT 4.3.3 Lily CTF

  • Game mode: CTF (Capture The Flag)
  • Max players: 32
  • Finish condition: after 15 minutes (may be delayed by a balancer)

Map: ut4_riyadh    Game time: 6:51

Red (8)
parduc, =CN=Pennyee, StCROM, We'llBang-OK?, pentagon, Raven, Scorpion, UrTTT<>
Blue (7)
Buddage, Blackness, ^0mrokita, demir_hh, Tiger, zubik100, Cheetah
Spectators (4)
Karma, Karma, Karma_9, Yiriba

Last obtained: Sun, 24 Jun 2018 22:06:47 +0900

You can play CTF (Capture The Flag). Please join the team by selecting ‘Auto Join’.

UrT 4.3.2 Lily CTF

  • Game mode: CTF (Capture The Flag)
  • Max players: 32
  • Finish condition: after 15 minutes (may be delayed by a balancer)

Map: ut4_terrorism8_bots_lilymod1    Game time: 10:48

Red (6)
HusserlS, Raven, meiji, Scorpion, Goose, Mantis
Blue (6)
Ragnarock40, runaway&, Puma, Tiger, Chicken, Cheetah
Spectators (2)
scoot3r, naka200

Last obtained: Sun, 24 Jun 2018 22:06:47 +0900

The CTF server for UrT 4.3.2.

UrT Lily FFA

  • Game mode: FFA (Free For All)
  • Max players: 14
  • Finish condition: 25 points first

Map: ut4_ghosttown    Game time: 7:39

Free (6)
Cheetah, Raven, Mantis, Scorpion, Puma, UnnamedPlayer

Last obtained: Sun, 24 Jun 2018 22:06:47 +0900

The server for FFA.

Asia server list: http://www.urbanterror.info/servers/list/?lcc=AS

Shout Box

UrT 4.3.3 Lily TDM

14:56awsd: nooooo!
15:03Azhakar: haha
15:03awsd: 😉
6:13mrokita: ./reconnect
13:25VestoSlipher: i hate campers
14:54awsd: gg
14:55playername: gg
14:52playername: gg
14:53awsd: so close
2:18playername: nn
3:12playername: teams

UrT 4.3.3 Lily CTF

13:12nonon: wow
13:26nonon: lol
14:13Buddage: lol
14:22Yiriba: nice try
14:53Buddage: lol no
2:07Buddage: plz reload your weapons befor u die
2:39Yiriba: noooo
3:39Buddage: nono
3:42nonon: 😛
4:58nonon: oops
5:17Buddage: ty
6:49LuKe4$$BreaKer: team
11:08Buddage: bloody hell
11:54Buddage: lol
13:26nonon: oh
13:33LuKe4$$BreaKer: team
1:51LuKe4$$BreaKer: sbem
4:29LuKe4$$BreaKer: team
6:32Buddage: fking campers
6:46Buddage: fkimg nonon
6:50nonon: lol
7:54Buddage: lol'
8:28LuKe4$$BreaKer: team
9:24Buddage: hi Parduc
9:49DarkLogiN: pfffffffffff
9:51DarkLogiN: team
10:21nonon: lol
11:14nonon: oops
11:35LuKe4$$BreaKer: n1
12:24DarkLogiN: ..
13:20LuKe4$$BreaKer: team
13:44LuKe4$$BreaKer: team
14:28LuKe4$$BreaKer: nooooooooooooooooo
14:51JIMMY: gg
14:55LuKe4$$BreaKer: gg
0:30Buddage: whis it
2:55Buddage: wtf
3:20Buddage: lol
3:22nonon: lol
6:18nonon: oh
8:32nonon: lol
13:27Buddage: lol
13:29nonon: 😛
13:45Buddage: oh
14:04UrTTT: noob
14:26UrTTT: noob
14:51UrTTT: noob
14:51leparapluie: gg
14:52Buddage: gg
14:52JIMMY: gg
14:53nonon: gg
14:55UrTTT: noob
15:03UrTTT: noob
0:20UrTTT: noob
0:23UrTTT: noob
0:26UrTTT: noob
0:43UrTTT: noob
0:47UrTTT: noob
0:59UrTTT: gg
1:19UrTTT: gg
1:22UrTTT: gg
1:26UrTTT: gg
1:41UrTTT: gg
1:45UrTTT: gg
2:17UrTTT: gg
2:48Buddage: gjt
2:56UrTTT: gg
4:10UrTTT: gg
4:33UrTTT: gg
5:05UrTTT: gg