Coming soon: New 4.3.4 CTF server

We plan to launch a new 4.3.4 CTF server at 3:00 on July 8 (UTC).
Please be patient for a while.

And our old 4.3.3 TDM will be shut down soon.

New 4.3.4 TDM server is now launched

We launched a new 4.3.4 TDM server on July 1.

Please update your UrT client software and join the server!

We are preparing new UrT 4.3.4 servers

UPDATED on June 30:

A new TDM 4.3.4 server will be launched at 6:00 on July 1 (UTC).

And, our FFA 4.3.3 server will be shut down on that day because people will no longer play on the server.

You might already know, Frozen Sand – the makers of the game, released Urban Terror 4.3.4 on June 21.
This release contains security fixes and several bug fixes.

We plan to launch the 4.3.4 servers as follows:

New TDM/CTF 4.3.4 servers will be launched in a couple of weeks.
Although our TDM 4.3.3 server will be shut down after that, our CTF 4.3.3 remains until next version comes.

Abbey map was removed from CTF

We added Abbey map to our CTF server on trial last week.
However, we noticed the score difference between teams get large in very short period on this map,
and our balancer can not handle this situation.
The last round of blue vs red finished with 14 – 1, and the auto-balancing was performed 3 times during a round.
It seems this map is too small for playing CTF.

The map is still available on our TDM server.

Server trouble (June 17 – 19)

The problem that some people could not connect to our CTF server occurred (June 17 09:00 – June 19 12:00 GMT).
We have already fixed the problem.

We apologize for the inconvenience.